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>> > Remember in the mid-80s when someone bought
>> > the Robotech liscence and a bunch of old Bandai models, and released
>> > them? It was a successful (if short-lived) venture on their part. Heck,
>> > my *first* mecha model was "Condar" from Robotech (in reality, some
>> > meach from Dougram...)!
>> Actually, that _was_ Robotech. Revell licensed a whole bunch of robot kits
>> from Takara, Imai, and/or Arii, and to "brand" the kits they created the
>> name Robotech for them. Then came the DC "Robotech Defenders" comic
>> (which featured the models), then the TV series (which didn't feature many
>> of the models), and it went downhill (or uphill) from there.
>The Robotech Defenders line was basically made up entirely of the Dougram
>mecha. The Robotech line did have the 1/72 scale transforming Valkyrie kits
>from Imaii, but they were titled something else other than Robotech
>Defenders. It was the licensing of the Valkyrie kits by Revell, combined with
>the fact that Macross was only 36 episodes long, that caused the genesis of
>Robotech the TV series.

No, Robotech Defenders included Macross and Orguss, as well as Dougram:

Robotech Defender Macross
----------------- -------
Excalibur Mk VI = MBR-04 Tomahawk Mk VI
Gladiator Mk II = MBR-07 Spartan Mk II
Raidar-X Mk X = ADR-04 Defender Mk X
Spartan Mk XII = SDR-04 Phalanx Mk XII

Robotech Defender Orguss
----------------- ------
Decimax = 03-01-H Nikick Battloid
Exaxes = MGB-21F-1 Ishforn GERWALK

Robotech Defender Dougram
----------------- -------
Aqualo = H404S Mackerel
Commando = F44B Tequilagunner
Condar = H-102 Bushman
Dromedin = F44A Crabgunner
Gartan = F4X Ironfoot
Sand Stalker = Desertgunner
Talos = T-10B Blockhead
TerrAttacker = JRS Native Dancer
Thoren = H8 Roundfacer
Ziyon = HT-128 Bigfoot
Zoltek = D7 Dougram

(I always get a chuckle out of "Ziyon" sounding like the Japanese "Zeon"....)

Oh, yeah, and there was also the Ice Rovers kit, which were three "Skate
Boy" ice drones seen in the Crusher Joe movie.

In addition, there were a number of Robotech Defender kits containing two
mechs together: Recon Team, Tactical Unit, Ground Attackers, Allied Forces,
Sniper Squad and Search Patrol (Macross Valkyries in various modes,
non-transformable) and Strike Force, Assault Squad and Airborne Attacker
(Dougram Combat Armors teamed with helicopters).

The other series was the Robotech Changer, which were transformable:

Robotech Changer Macross
---------------- -------
Axoid = VF-1J Valkyrie
Orbot = VF-1D Valkyrie
Vexar = VF-1S Super Valkyrie

Robotech Changer Orguss
---------------- ------
Drifand Dal = Drifand Dal
Nebo = Drifand
Nikick = 03-01-H Nikick
Olson = Orguss Mk III
Orguss = Orguss
Orguss II = Orguss Mk II
Trigon = Drifand Dal


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