RE: [gundam] about those Turn A Gundam Character pictures

Richie Ramos (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 13:12:25 +0800

>I completely agree with you on that, but at this point the character art
>looks, to me at least, a heck of a lot better than the robot art.
>I mean, my god, that (should I even call it) 'Gundam' looks like someone
>lopped off a mushroom cap and carved out a face. Either that or it's got
>a TERMINAL case of sinus pressure going on. To me, the design doesn't
>even have that 'Gundam' feel to it. While it's got decent detail, the design
>doesn't look all that (don't shoot me) realistic. I know, most robots
>but this looks more like a kiddie toy design that the Gundam for a new
>I guess I'll just have to hope that the final art goes WAY beyond the
>design (which I'm guessing this is).

        Actually, it reminds me of the robots used in the -Rangers stuff...maybe
that's the appeal to kiddies? Even the character designs look
like they're aimed at the young crowd.
        The designs are so...bishounen for lack of a better term....

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