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>I totally agree with you, Chad!
>By the way my favorite Gundam series is " Zeta ", too. When I talk about
>Gundam series with those people who are not familial with it. I compare it
>with the " Starwars ". A great Japanes si-fi classic. I think " G " series
>were total mistake and it brought Gundam down to level of comic book. Just
>another cartoon next to Dragon Ball and Pokemon.

        Admittedly, the G series was not as "deep" as the others, but it does have
a charm all its own...I mean, the designs actiually are good...for the main
suits anyway. The other suits, well, let's just say I'm kinda happy
there's no philippine gundam (circular straw hat, bolo and yoyo, or kris
blade and kalasag--rectangular shield).
        I particularly love the Master gundam, but its having a horse reminds me
of the microman series all too much...or Baron Karza/Force Commander from
the american version of it, the micronauts.
        It's just a very different take on the whole least it wasn't a
UC bending series, like the 0083, which has great suits which do not fit
into the tech timeline of the UC.

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