[gundam] RealMecha

-Z- (Z@gundam.com)
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 19:29:20 -0800

Well, I've only been working at RealNetworks for three days now, but I'm
already starting to see a lot of Neat Stuff. Here's a little item that
should please any mecha fan, a live-action/CGI film clip from MechCommander
that Real uses to test various builds of the RealPlayer:


It's about 10MB and runs almost 5 minutes, so you might want to wait for
the net congestion engendered by the recent OJ Simpson auction to die down
before trying this. You should use the RealPlayer G2 6.0 or later and be
connected at 56kbps or better.

I must say, I was impressed with the mecha in this clip, which dates back
to 1997, despite the Harryhausen stop-motion look to it. It gives me great
hopes for what they might be able to do with a decently-budgeted
live-action Gundam movie....

While you're at it, you might as well check out the Star Wars Phantom
Menace movie trailer:



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