Re: [gundam] Gyakshu no Roger.

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 18:47:28 -0700 (MST)

> longer before judging, I must say that Gundam looks like a total sucker
> to me but in my book that's not a reason not to give the show its
> chance. So please, stop speculating in such a way: you'll soon run out
> of arguments and start repeating them. My motto is wait and see.
> Plus, as Probe said, the all mighty Katoki might still save the day.

  And you know what, I'm almost SURE that's going to happen... I mean,
isn't it SOP in Bandai shows for one guy to do the "Rough Design" and then
another established designer to come through and do a "Clean Up" of the

  If they take the Turn-A gundam and then have Katoki go over it and do
one of his cool jobs on it, it's entirely possible that we'll get
something decent looking out of this show.

  As for the show itself, yes, it's hard to speculate to any degree of
anything as to what it's going to be like. But hell, speculation is what
makes being a Fan FUN! Personally, you know I'm _always_ pessimistic about
new anime shows, so take that with a big grain of salt. But there's no
point trying to _discourage_ speculation, this is, after all, a fanlist
and we can't help it!

  On the other hand, I can say things like "Hey, I like the idea of a
Steampunk Gundam" as well as "But that's already been done in Sakura Wars
and Kishin Corps", or "I like the idea of a post-apocalyptic 1800s world",
but then say "But I liked it better when it was called LAPUTA!", and then
I could say "I like the idea of moon people coming down to reclaim their
homeland", as well as "Gee, I didn't see that coming in an anime Gundam
show"... so there are alot of things that can be said either way. Shrug.

  I guess we'll just have to see. Frankly, I _do_ believe in the sign of
Tomino... well, at least I did before "Brainpowerd". From what I've heard
of that dismal show, and from the quote of Tomino who said that the gundam
series will be like the end of that show, I've got a funny feeling about


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