Re: [gundam] What next? (Was Re: Even more Tomino interview)
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 20:13:32 EST

Yep, that's ashame, ya know? It seems all the media does report about is the
hentai/adult anime. PokeMon, a porn show?, Ha!, the media's lost their mind!
Have you noticed the TV ads for the "Best of Anime" from Columbia House? The
ad focus's on the sex and violence from some anime, but not the storyline,
plot, Etc.

Aaron writes:
> There's also the media sensationalization to consider. Such cult
> animation classics as "Heavy Metal", "Fire and Ice" and "Rock and Rule"
> have been around for ages, and yet are not exemplified as typical
> "American" animation because of the overwhelming publicity given to the
> Disney ( animations. Meanwhile, the hentai/adult titles are all
> that seems to get covered in mainstream media nowadays when anime is
> mentioned. Remember the Pokemon Incident fallout and how EVERY media
> outlet immediately said that because Pokemon = anime and anime = porn,
> thus Pokemon = porn = anime and ALL anime is pornographic,
> seizure-inducing celluloid!

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