Re: [gundam] PG Zaku
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 19:55:39 EST

In a message dated 2/17/99 2:41:47 AM Eastern Standard Time,

> As expected (predicted? guaranteed?), Perfect Grade Zaku to hit the streets
> on March 27. Better put that pre order form in with HLJ if you want the
> Zaku II when it hits the street. Looks like Char's Armor will probably go
> the way of upgrade parts, lest all the Char Fans cry bloody murder without
> such release to coincide with the Zaku II release.
> Now, what the f**k does it take for Bandai to get their ass on Type 100 MG
> and ZZ MG with FA parts? Or am I the only one wishing for MG treatment of
> ZZ and Type 100? Will the TurnA/MirrorE get the MG treatment before these
> two MS? Who knows? Who cares?
> I certainly do.
I dont think TurnA should get a MG treatment before type 100 or the classics .
Its not really fair to them old guys , besides I'd like to have a shiny MG

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