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Djallel Zouita (
Thu, 18 Feb 1999 01:03:15 +0100

Roger Harkavy wrote:
> I was all ready to unleash a tirade upon the list on the virtues of not
> judging books by their covers, when I was inspired:
> Syd Mead, eat your heart out.
> Folks, it could be worse, a LOT worse.
> I remember a little film called "Star Wars" that had some crude
> preproduction art, don't you? Wait a couple of months and give Turn-A a
> chance.
> ---

My feelings exactly, I'm growing tired of seeing everyonesay this show's
gonna suck while it's still that early, we could maybe wait a little
longer before judging, I must say that Gundam looks like a total sucker
to me but in my book that's not a reason not to give the show its
chance. So please, stop speculating in such a way: you'll soon run out
of arguments and start repeating them. My motto is wait and see.
Plus, as Probe said, the all mighty Katoki might still save the day.
For those of you who'd like to see what Yasuda's characters look once
animated, check the Breath of Fire 3 japanese commercial, it's quite
good IMHO.
(Please don't see this as some harsh reply, I was just expressing my


And I ask You
Can we ease the pain of those who lost?
Can we know the cost of all this sorrow?
Can we catch the tears of a broken world.
Falling down upon the Earth.

-"Stars of Tears" lyrics by Masato Kato, overworld theme of Xenogears

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