Re: [gundam] Gundam in the US!?!?!

Mark Nguyen (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 14:35:47 PST

>I agree with you, Roger
>I don't think they will sell model kits here, may be HCM. I just don't
see kids here
>building models, spending hours putting it together and painting it!!
No, way. I
>don't think Bandai's that stupid. Sure, I wish I could buy Gundam
anytime I want,
>but it sound to good to be true.
>Before talking about models, I wish I could watch Gundam on TV.

Dude, I've been building Star Trek and Star Wars models ever since I was
old enough to know that you don't eat the glue! :) Granted, those were
movies and TV series, but I hardly think kids *don't* model when they're

Anyway, I think that the domestic release of these models will be to
distributors that would normally carry such models anyway, and perhaps
to a few extra beyond that. Remember in the mid-80s when someone bought
the Robotech liscence and a bunch of old Bandai models, and released
them? It was a successful (if short-lived) venture on their part. Heck,
my *first* mecha model was "Condar" from Robotech (in reality, some
meach from Dougram...)!


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