Re: [gundam] Gundam in the US!?!?!

Danny S. Kim (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 14:04:24 -0800

I agree with you, Roger
I don't think they will sell model kits here, may be HCM. I just don't see kids here
building models, spending hours putting it together and painting it!! No, way. I
don't think Bandai's that stupid. Sure, I wish I could buy Gundam anytime I want,
but it sound to good to be true.
Before talking about models, I wish I could watch Gundam on TV.


Roger Harkavy wrote:

> On Wed, 17 Feb 1999 wrote:
> > Just for anyone's info, if they are confused about this news. has
> > Mobile Suit Gundam under Bandai, then theres a seperate Bandai Japan section,
> > I wish we could get some more information about this. It just pics, so no one
> > knows for sure, but it looks they are bringing the MG kits, 0080 kits, 08th MS
> > Team, and AnimeVillage Gundam tapes into US retail, even if its just a test
> > market release of whatever Gundam items are coming to the US.
> What are you basing this on? The article was devoid of any detailed
> information. I find it unlikely that they will be bringing the model
> kits over. At least, I hope they won't for now if they hope to compete in
> the toy market.
> Why? Because modeling doesn't have the same kind of following here that it
> does in Japan. Talk to a kid and/or parents and try justifying a $30
> purchase (the price of your average Master Grade kit) as opposed to a
> pre-assembled, pre-painted $8 Spawn figure. It would never happen.
> If they're smart and shrewd (we know they tend to be more of one and less
> of the other), they'll bring over the MS In Pocket toys. They're small,
> cheap, and colorful, and would look great hanging on pegs at Toys R' Us.
> Then later, if sales justify it, they could bring over some of the HCMs.
> Of course, there's the lack of cross-promotion with a TV show working
> against this idea, but if they wanted to get Zeta and/or Victory onto
> television, they could find a way...
> My theory is that despite what says, these models were just
> shown off to say "this is a Gundam", rather than representing any real
> products that Bandai intends to release here.
> ---
> Roger Harkavy

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