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> Subject: Re: [gundam] about those Turn A Gundam Character pictures
> > The character's don't fit in with the robots from Turn A Gundam for some
> > reason. The robot with the machine gun like things on its face is werid,
> That robot is really really dumb looking, did you see the SIZE of its
> eye? Monstrous!

Yes, my Mecha Optics class in college would never have taught to design
an eye like that, that's crazy. And don't get me started on the rifle,
how many times has *that* failed in space tests? Woohoo.

> The characters look like something out of some Myazaki anime about
> airships in the 1800s or something... not like something you'd expect from
> a show about mecha!

Hmm... 'expect' from a show about mecha. I have never been able to say
what *should* be in a mech design for any mecha show. And some of the best
designs have been the "weird" ones. I want to see more of the psycho mech
on the left of that jpeg, it has a really unique design. That new Gundam
is the most boring of the three because it's still trying the hardest to
be like the other Gundams yet still be different. My only hope, from a
mech standpoint, is that there are dozens of new designs that look different
and have some cool shapes.

Oh yeah, Syd has no sense of depth of field or proportions. All those
renderings of buildings and cities and cars and boats, that was just a
streak of luck that was due, really due, to end. About time he got caught
with his pants down, yes sir.


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