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Roger Harkavy (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 16:25:58 -0500 (EST)

On Wed, 17 Feb 1999 wrote:
> Just for anyone's info, if they are confused about this news. has
> Mobile Suit Gundam under Bandai, then theres a seperate Bandai Japan section,
> I wish we could get some more information about this. It just pics, so no one
> knows for sure, but it looks they are bringing the MG kits, 0080 kits, 08th MS
> Team, and AnimeVillage Gundam tapes into US retail, even if its just a test
> market release of whatever Gundam items are coming to the US.

What are you basing this on? The article was devoid of any detailed
information. I find it unlikely that they will be bringing the model
kits over. At least, I hope they won't for now if they hope to compete in
the toy market.

Why? Because modeling doesn't have the same kind of following here that it
does in Japan. Talk to a kid and/or parents and try justifying a $30
purchase (the price of your average Master Grade kit) as opposed to a
pre-assembled, pre-painted $8 Spawn figure. It would never happen.

If they're smart and shrewd (we know they tend to be more of one and less
of the other), they'll bring over the MS In Pocket toys. They're small,
cheap, and colorful, and would look great hanging on pegs at Toys R' Us.
Then later, if sales justify it, they could bring over some of the HCMs.

Of course, there's the lack of cross-promotion with a TV show working
against this idea, but if they wanted to get Zeta and/or Victory onto
television, they could find a way...

My theory is that despite what says, these models were just
shown off to say "this is a Gundam", rather than representing any real
products that Bandai intends to release here.

Roger Harkavy

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