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> Subject: [gundam] about those Turn A Gundam Character pictures
> The character's don't fit in with the robots from Turn A Gundam for some
> reason. The robot with the machine gun like things on its face is
> werid, the
> other one I like. It reminds me of Zaku, but with two eyes.
> Aaron

I completely agree with you on that, but at this point the character art
looks, to me at least, a heck of a lot better than the robot art.

I mean, my god, that (should I even call it) 'Gundam' looks like someone
lopped off a mushroom cap and carved out a face. Either that or it's got
a TERMINAL case of sinus pressure going on. To me, the design doesn't
even have that 'Gundam' feel to it. While it's got decent detail, the design
doesn't look all that (don't shoot me) realistic. I know, most robots
but this looks more like a kiddie toy design that the Gundam for a new

I guess I'll just have to hope that the final art goes WAY beyond the
design (which I'm guessing this is).

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