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I totally agree with you, Chad!
By the way my favorite Gundam series is " Zeta ", too. When I talk about
Gundam series with those people who are not familial with it. I compare it
with the " Starwars ". A great Japanes si-fi classic. I think " G " series
were total mistake and it brought Gundam down to level of comic book. Just
another cartoon next to Dragon Ball and Pokemon.


Chad Gombosi wrote:

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> I disagree!!! Well, sort of. G Gundam is simply not Gundam. As a show in
> general, it's actualy realy good if you just resist laughing at the
> STUPID mechs it has. The animation quality is somewhat higher than the
> crap they used in Wing. My god! How many times did we see the same Wing
> 0 transformation sequence get recycled. I mean, yeah, Go Lion only had
> two diferent transformation sequences in all of its history, but they
> were realy good for the time, not sloppy crap like the one in Wing.
> My favorite series is Zeta, which is the prefered series with the GML
> old-school fogie, so when something that just ISN'T Gundam comes along,
> I'm quite speculative. I'm not into young boys in overpowered mechs that
> murder shitloads of boring mechs in a show with cheap AND recycled
> animation sequeces, sooo, I didn't like Wing.
> I'm not into overbugeted shows with no plot like F91 either.
> But when a show like G comes along, I can't not like it just because
> it's silly, racist ect. It stands alone as a show very well, which is
> more than I can say for MS 08 Team; a show that no one would watch if
> it weren't Gundam.
> Chad
> >
> >Dont even consider getting a " G " series.
> >Personaly, I think " G " series is the worst Gundam of all time. You
> can skip it,
> >you are
> >not gonna miss much. If you still want to see it, then rent it. Don't
> waste money
> >on buying it.
> >
> > wrote:
> >
> >> Hello, I'm new to Gundam anime and was introduced to it by the
> Gundamwing
> >> series. I'm planning on ordering some more tapes and I was wondering
> if
> >> anyone has an opinion on if it would be better to order the F91 movie
> or the G
> >> series. I thought it would be better to order F91 because it's more
> self
> >> contained and shorter. However if G is much better I'm willing to
> pay for the
> >> extra tapes.
> >>
> >> Hopefully I won't be posting many more annoying i'm new questions,
> but thank
> >> you for listening.
> >
> >
> >
> >
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