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At 12:56 AM 2/17/99 , you wrote:
>After pointing my browser to:
> <>
>Now, I know I's going to get railed for this big time...
>But I'm beginning to like the TurnA Gundam, or TurnA Mecha. It has
>some of
>the elements that make it familiar to Gundam designs, yet it look so
>different from others. I dunno, this may be interesting. Only time
>tell how good the series is going to be, but I think I'll enjoy it...
>Characters look interesting enough, but I've preferred some of
>Yaz-ness to
>characters, I suppose. The male look too much like female, and some
>of the
>female, the main female lead for example, looks a bit too tomboyish.
>this is intended, but they all look feminine, even the male
>Looks like this could be an interesting series. Now, how the heck are
>the blokes in the US without access to Japanese Video Stores to Rent the
>series, going to enjoy this series?

If the story is good, than the show could be interesting. Right now ther
isn't anything glaringly wrong with the character design that I can see.
It could be interesting.

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