RE: [gundam] Turn A Gundam Art

Y. Choe (
Wed, 17 Feb 1999 00:56:31 -0800

After pointing my browser to:

Now, I know I's going to get railed for this big time...

But I'm beginning to like the TurnA Gundam, or TurnA Mecha. It has some of
the elements that make it familiar to Gundam designs, yet it look so
different from others. I dunno, this may be interesting. Only time will
tell how good the series is going to be, but I think I'll enjoy it...

Characters look interesting enough, but I've preferred some of Yaz-ness to
characters, I suppose. The male look too much like female, and some of the
female, the main female lead for example, looks a bit too tomboyish. Maybe
this is intended, but they all look feminine, even the male characters...

Looks like this could be an interesting series. Now, how the heck are we,
the blokes in the US without access to Japanese Video Stores to Rent the
series, going to enjoy this series?

Y. Choe

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