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On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Chris Beilby wrote:
> Mark's right. Of course, with the MG kits, it's still a good thing. This way,
> we may not have to pay 50 to 75 dollars each for them if they do sell them

Good point! But here I suspect the prices won't come down. I've wonder
about this recently, in Japan a nice model kit (08MST Gouf Custom) costs
about a regular udon lunch (800 Yens). An upscale kit costs about a
decent sushi diner minus sake (2500-4000 Yens). Here a shitty kit (Star
Wars AT-ST) costs about 3 Happy Meals. So a good capitalist will tell you
that a Master Grade model should retail at double or triple the price of
Enterprise-D no matter how cheap the import price is.

Don't believe me? Think about the video prices, the OVAs cost more in
Japan than in USA, despite the fact that American has to add translation
and remastering costs. Why? Because the prices are dictated by local
video prices, an import video cannot (generally) cost more than double the
price of a Hollywood video. So $20-30 no matter how expensive the import
price is.

Of course Hobby Link Japan and Rainbow Ten even things out a little for us
consumers, hurrah Internet.

Any comments? Corrections? (wink wink Mark Simmons)

[I wonder if Amuro can notice any difference between sushi and Happy

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