[gundam] PG Zaku

Y. Choe (choey@usa.net)
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 23:38:48 -0800

As expected (predicted? guaranteed?), Perfect Grade Zaku to hit the streets
on March 27. Better put that pre order form in with HLJ if you want the
Zaku II when it hits the street. Looks like Char's Armor will probably go
the way of upgrade parts, lest all the Char Fans cry bloody murder without
such release to coincide with the Zaku II release.

Now, what the f**k does it take for Bandai to get their ass on Type 100 MG
and ZZ MG with FA parts? Or am I the only one wishing for MG treatment of
ZZ and Type 100? Will the TurnA/MirrorE get the MG treatment before these
two MS? Who knows? Who cares?

I certainly do.

Y. Choe choey@usa.net
Once I met a man who had... well, it's not
that important. Trust me, it really isn't.

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