RE: [gundam] One Forall & All For Nought!

Y. Choe (
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 22:15:32 -0800

> Now, none of them had any languages packs other than Western English,
> either. Now me, I've got Baltic Alphabet, Central European, Chinese
> (Simplified and Traditional), Cyrillic, Greek, Japanese, Korean, Turkish
> Alphabet and Universal Alphabet (UTF-8) installed. I'm also running
> Windows 98, which really *does* have more browser capability built into it
> than Windows 95 or NT -- witness the "Web Page" and "Thumbnail" views in
> Windows Explorer.

Win 98 is nothing more than Win 95 with bugfixes and IE 4.x Active Channels
slapped in the Explorer. I think it's the language set that is letting you
see the Turn-A symbol, most probably either the Baltic, Central European,
Turkish, or UTF-8 language pack that parses the correct character. In fact,
we can all install those language packs for IE 3.X and higher (upto 5.x) and
confirm this or not... More as I actually try this..

Y. Choe

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