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I disagree!!! Well, sort of. G Gundam is simply not Gundam. As a show in
general, it's actualy realy good if you just resist laughing at the
STUPID mechs it has. The animation quality is somewhat higher than the
crap they used in Wing. My god! How many times did we see the same Wing
0 transformation sequence get recycled. I mean, yeah, Go Lion only had
two diferent transformation sequences in all of its history, but they
were realy good for the time, not sloppy crap like the one in Wing.

My favorite series is Zeta, which is the prefered series with the GML
old-school fogie, so when something that just ISN'T Gundam comes along,
I'm quite speculative. I'm not into young boys in overpowered mechs that
murder shitloads of boring mechs in a show with cheap AND recycled
animation sequeces, sooo, I didn't like Wing.

I'm not into overbugeted shows with no plot like F91 either.

But when a show like G comes along, I can't not like it just because
it's silly, racist ect. It stands alone as a show very well, which is
more than I can say for MS 08 Team; a show that no one would watch if
it weren't Gundam.


>Dont even consider getting a " G " series.
>Personaly, I think " G " series is the worst Gundam of all time. You
can skip it,
>you are
>not gonna miss much. If you still want to see it, then rent it. Don't
waste money
>on buying it.
> wrote:
>> Hello, I'm new to Gundam anime and was introduced to it by the
>> series. I'm planning on ordering some more tapes and I was wondering
>> anyone has an opinion on if it would be better to order the F91 movie
or the G
>> series. I thought it would be better to order F91 because it's more
>> contained and shorter. However if G is much better I'm willing to
pay for the
>> extra tapes.
>> Hopefully I won't be posting many more annoying i'm new questions,
but thank
>> you for listening.

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