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> > Mark's right. Of course, with the MG kits, it's still a good thing. This
> way,
> >
> > we may not have to pay 50 to 75 dollars each for them if they do sell them
> > here (I
> > expect that I could get the test market kits, too. LA will probably be one
> > of
> > their markets.)
> Uh, Yeah. Its great that they are test marketing Gundam in the US. Not all of
> them are MG's though, theres a Kampfer and an 08th Team Ez8 Gundam too. This
> is great, no matter what anyone else says. It'll give Gundam more coverage and
> we'll get english manuals I assume. There seems to be Gundam videos also in
> the showroom picture. For people who can't read Japanese, like me, since these
> products will probably be in English, we'll hopefully get the tech. stuff from
> the manuals in English. Gundam needs to be brought to life in the light of the
> US, because it will make Gundams fan base bigger in the US, and hopefully
> Bandai Japan will release all of the Gundam saga through AnimeVillage, and
> eventually retail stores, hopefully.
> Aaron

  I saw. I just didn't mention the 0080, 0083, or 08th MS Team kits because they
are so redily available at reasonable prices.

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