Re: [gundam] Gundam in the US!?!?!

Chris Beilby (
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 20:07:53 -0800

Mark Simmons wrote:

> BlazeEagle writes,
> >Starting Quote from
> >
> >"Not shown to the regular press, these toys are being test marketed in the US
> >thru varying outlets thru 1999. These displays are from Bandai Japan's
> >International Section, which was not listed on any brochure, and not shown to
> >Toy Fair attendees. We'd like to thank Akifumi Nakanishi for making these
> >available to us for our readers, and look for much more expanded Bandai Japan
> >abd Bandai SA (Europe) coverage in the near future."
> And judging from the photos they posted, and the placards attached to
> them, these are just the regular Master Grade and Gundam 0080 kits. Same
> ones they displayed at last year's San Diego Comic-Con, in fact.
> -- Mark

  Mark's right. Of course, with the MG kits, it's still a good thing. This way,
we may not have to pay 50 to 75 dollars each for them if they do sell them here (I
expect that I could get the test market kits, too. LA will probably be one of
their markets.)

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