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On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Prabal Nandy wrote:
> But it still really bothers me that they're re-writing gundam, or trying
> to 're-invent' the original. Sheesh, give it a rest and do something
> post-VG or something... why this endless re-hashing!

Yes! Let's have more Tomino and less Gundam. (when will I see

We had Godzilla and Ultraman, we had UFO and Aliens, we had Gundam, we had
Star Wars. But what's new in the 90's? We got neo-Godzilla, neo-Gundam,
neo-Starship Troops, neo-Star Wars, neo-Brady Bunch...

How about Ghost in the Shell, it's very 90ish: fast paced (cyber-paced),
amoral, packs a good philosophical punch. Can that becomes a 90's or 00's

> Ironically enough, it's _Evangeleon_ which is the recent anime show that

Thanks for bringing this up again Probe :) And thanks to many list
members for forcing me to finish the series :) After seeing the end, I
think that it build up to a really great tension and then sputtered

< SPOILER WARNING!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! >

I actually like those metaphysical / Buddhist ramblings a lot, but what
does that have to do with the first 24 episodes of the series?! There
were so many IMPORTANT questions left dangling... I feel a very strong
urge to finish the story off for them... If only I can develop an idea to
tie the philosophy back to the actual events...

Unless... did I miss anything? The tapes ended with Shinji exclaiming "I
am myself" or "I think therefore I am" or "I am the King" or something and
that's it? Was there supposed to be a tape 14? What about those Bandai
white mass production winged EVA models? I didn't see any of them in the
13 tapes. Hmm I just went to and read the synopsis for
tape 13, it still doesn't make sense (how can they claim that third impact
had occured?).

Anyway, it seems Evangelion took too big a bite (God and "Final Genesis"
are heavy weight issues) and had to beat a hasty retreat at the ending.
Compare to Ghost in the Shell, took only 2 hours (or a few hundred pages)
to tell a really great story and still pack a good philosophical punch.

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