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Tue, 16 Feb 1999 20:43:04 -0500 (EST)

On Tue, 16 Feb 1999, Kota Fujimura wrote:
> It's not that he hates mecha shows. He hates the sponser for not
> approving him to do other kinds of projects he wanted to work on.

I don't know how to take this. Could it be that the Japanese sponsors are
so dumb that they won't let a proven winner go off and do his own thing
(and trusting that the doughs will roll from)?

[Please don't give me any more "they do whatever that makes money" lines.
There are ample examples of the contrary in both Japanese and Western
bussiness world]

Or perhaps Tomino is an Arteast who just can't stop whining about his life
and everything?

> Although, from the interview, he does seem to consider robot shows as the
> cheapest kinds of animation...

As much as I am a big fan of Gundam (and a very few other mecha shows), I
totally agree with that "cheap" statement. On average (repeat: ON
AVERAGE) SciFi is in the bottom of all the genres, anime/cartoons are
mainly designed to appeal to kids, and of all the SciFi anime/cartoons,
mecha/robot shows are usually worse than the non-robot shows.

Gundam was a truly rare gem.

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