Re: [gundam] Even more Tomino interview

Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 17:56:04 -0700 (MST)

> >didn't work on them? How egotistical!
> That's sort of a willful misreading, Probe. He considers _his_ sequels

  Okay okay, I get it....
  But it still really bothers me that they're re-writing gundam, or trying
to 're-invent' the original. Sheesh, give it a rest and do something
post-VG or something... why this endless re-hashing!

> stuff, and it sounds like he's come to feel the same way about his own
> attempts to replicate the original series. I don't know what Tomino has

  Well, I too am dissappointed. The original was great because it debunked
the anime stereotypes of the time.
  But now Gundam has become sort of ossified, Gundam Wing, apart from its
great plot, hearkens back to the "giant robo" tradition that Gundam was
originally created to get away from! What gets be about G-Gundam was the
very same sort of super-hero-ish-ness.

  Ironically enough, it's _Evangeleon_ which is the recent anime show that
most closely fills the place that Gundam created, a show that dares to
take all the classic anime sterotypes and flip it upside down on its head.

  This is what I want from Gundam, but I know that everything we've heard
of the new Gundam sounds like stuff we've heard before from anime.

> I'd say he blew it by doing Z Gundam. After that, the die was cast...
  It was like a rehash of the original plot arc with different characters
and a bunch of twists, yet it wasn't quite as moving or as unique. It
seems like of all the shows, it was V-Gundam that captured the moving feel
of the original to the best degree. WG, while great, was a completely
different kind of show.

> From what I hear, Tomino may not have had much control over the mecha
> design...

  Didn't he design the originals though? Bah, I dunno, I figgered that
Bandai had the first and last say on the mecha designs.

> > The "Twisted Gordam Story" is pretty much identical to hordes of anime
> >pseudo-greenie post-modern evangelical environmentalist stories.
> You're in quite a hurry to write this one off, ain't you? :-)

  I really have a BAD feeling about this show, I mean "X-Gundam" bad... I
mean, even the X-Gundam series concept sounded better than this on paper
and we remember how THAT turned out! Eeeigh!


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