Re: [gundam] A few Questions
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 18:26:04 EST

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<< How come a Gundam doesn't crush concrete when it walks over concrete? One
 would think that something as big and heavy as an MS would crush or sink in
 concrete or grass covered ground. Also, how come in Wing, you see the Gundams
 "skating" across the ground with the feet Jets? Can other Gundams do this
 Aaron >>

The surface area of a Gundams (or any 18 meter robot) is huge. There is a far
lower ground pressure under a Gundam's feet than under a semi's 18 wheels, or
a woman's high heel. so, while Gundams should leave deep foot prints or scrape
marks from the sharp edges of their treads, there is no reason for them to
sink to their knees when walking across soft ground or braking concrete and
asphalt. As to the hover skating, that is actually very realistic for the
dynamics of a humanoid shaped giant robot.


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