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On Feb 16, 12:17pm, Mark Nguyen wasted bandwidth discussing:
> Subject: [gundam] [OT] US Naval Battleships
> >They've got two being converted to museums and another two in
> mothballs,
> >currently. I think that is idiotic, we should have at least one
> active,
> >still. What are the Marines supposed to rely on for shore bombardment?
> >Missles? Rockets?
> Well, yeah. :) Remember that when the Iowas were recommisioned in the
> early 80s, they were done so *specifically* to be able to mount 32
> Tomahawk missiles. IIRC, they added on 16 Sea Sparrow missiles almost as
> an afterthought, and the Vulcan CIWS as standard (mind you, the Iowas
> had the best defensive arcs for those guns, IMO!).
> With the advent of high-altitude, laser-guided bombing, super-accurate
> Tomahawk strikes, and more, big guns like those the Iowas carried were
> almost redundant, despite their impressive boom. :P New Arleigh Burke
> class destroyers carry 192 Tomahawks, making for six times the anti-land
> missile firepower in a ship half an Iowa's size.

I still believe, for the money, that lobbing 16inch shells is less expensive
than pissing away a million per 'hawk, don't you think? And they've got so
many of those shells still left. Tomohawks are precision guided munitions,
16inch shells are area affect weapons. Same with laser-guided bombs. They
ran out of the nose/tail assemblies for the bombs and had to start dropping
dumb bombs in Iraq. Of course, that was inland...

Not only that but a battleship can take a load more punishment than any
cruiser we've got.

> But then, I'm biased. Serving on
> >the Wisconsin would have been the one thing to make me enlist, if she
> had
> >been around when I got out of high school.
> It's always been the class ship for me. Don't get me wrong, I *love*
> battleships. They look far better than those floating monstrosities some
> call carriers. But depite their faults and outdatedness, they

Well, I disagree there. I love the look of modern carriers, much more so
than old WWII designs. That was my favorite part of the SDF-1 from Macross,
her carrier "arm" that would launch the Valkyries.


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