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On Feb 13, 12:14am, Mark Simmons wasted bandwidth discussing:
> Subject: Re: [gundam] Re: [Gundam] Star Blazers Fleet Battle System
> Probe writes,
> > Except for land-bombardment and for heavy missile-carrying, especially
> >Tomahawks.
> Actually, the US Navy doesn't have _any_ battleships any more, does it?
> I think cruisers are the limit...

They've got two being converted to museums and another two in mothballs,
currently. I think that is idiotic, we should have at least one active,
still. What are the Marines supposed to rely on for shore bombardment?
Missles? Rockets? Christ, the Navy had, at last count, 35 brand new
barrels for the 16 inch rifles as replacements. They should have those
two ships still in the fleet for the next time a coastal town needs its
streets and buildings plowed over. But then, I'm biased. Serving on
the Wisconsin would have been the one thing to make me enlist, if she had
been around when I got out of high school.


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