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On Tue, 16 Feb 1999 00:42:19 EST writes:
>I use Netscape 4.5 becasue IE 4.0 has too many features I will never
>use and it has 14 million Menu Bars and is also very slow on my PC.

I use Netscape 4.08 Win3.1 because my system is a Win95 Build B and
NS 4.08 Win95, NS 4.50, and IE 4.0 are made for Build C and better. The
two Netscapes work okay, but they crash on me almost everytime I use
And I have IE 4.0 on my system, but it cannot initialize. If I could, I
remove it. But seeing as how it is a MS product, they never considered
fact that someone might want to take their programs *off* of their

Does anyone know how to remove IE 4.0 from a computer, short of
the harddrive and completely reinstalling the system?

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