[gundam] GVS Search Page [Was: Gundam Fan club in Los Angeles, CA]

G-Rookie (gundam@cyberarts.net)
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 23:51:34 +0700

>I dunno about one but there are lotsa Gundam fans in the area. If you want
>to start one, it won't be complete without Benjamin Wang, a bigger Zion
>fanatic than Gato and Delaz combined. :) Check out some of his votes on
>the Gundam Voting System and you'll see what I mean...

Ok, let's search for his votes, now I've added search page to GVS at:


Just type his name 'Benjamin Wang' or any text to search entire GVS data.

PS: Currently you'll found some 'useless' data in GVS, however I'm fixing
this issue.

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