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Mark Simmons (
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 06:38:36 -0800

Probe writes,

>> * He considers all of the sequels he did as the failure, due to lack of
>> his talent.
> So he considers all the sequels like GG and WG a failure because he
>didn't work on them? How egotistical!

  That's sort of a willful misreading, Probe. He considers _his_ sequels
to be failures. On previous occasions he's expressed disappointment in
others for making Gundam spinoffs that are too slavishly imitative of his
stuff, and it sounds like he's come to feel the same way about his own
attempts to replicate the original series. I don't know what Tomino has
to say on the record about G and W, but I wouldn't be surprised if he
considers these much more successful followups than the UC series.

> No choice really, though he did work on L.Gaim, right? And also ABD!

  I'd say he blew it by doing Z Gundam. After that, the die was cast...

> I wonder if Tomino is privately laughing and thinking "I Hate mecha
>shows, finally I've tricked Bandai into paying megabucks for this hot shot
>American designer who designed the stupidest mecha ever! Now I am free to
>write the story the way _I_ want and I know Bandai won't make me feature
>this butt-ugly Gordam in every episode!"

  From what I hear, Tomino may not have had much control over the mecha

> The "Twisted Gordam Story" is pretty much identical to hordes of anime
>pseudo-greenie post-modern evangelical environmentalist stories.

  You're in quite a hurry to write this one off, ain't you? :-)

-- Mark

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