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> Good to see someone else out there that can like something that's
> different. I
> have found an entertaining factor in every Gundam episode that I've ever
> watched. I like them all, each for different reasons.
> SJ
> PS-The Rose is funny, but the Bolt and Speigle are ####ing awesome!

Definitely. I always like the idea of the shining gundam. Imagine if
you trace the forearms and leg fronts with the same setup as the hand.
You just need a martial arts master and it's major beating time!

in regards to G as a series:
I think it all comes from expectations. Maybe people expected it
to be some great TOS/Zeta-ish monolith, where it was just a funny cheeze
fest. It's why none of my friends liked Armageddon and I did. they were
expecting 2001 to the 100th power, If anything I expected Die Hard on an
asteroid. Go figure...

All in all, if it's gundam, I watch it. And like it (even ZZ).

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