[gundam] Char, the Pink Comet? (was : model painting and finishing)

Lersak B. (lersak@ksc11.th.com)
Tue, 16 Feb 1999 11:11:28 +0700

CHIN, Chien Ting wondered
> Also Eddie mentioned mixing Tamiya paint to get the right colors. Is there
any theory/math formula/computer apps/website/whatever what will teach me a
little about pigment mixing?

In my opinion, it is pointless to convert your desired color to the numeric
value, unless you have the effective color matching/mixing system. Also, the
color you will apply on your model have nothing concerned with those Color
Model For Printing or Displaying (CMYK / RGB / HSV).
However, in the case that you may want to apply the exact color to your
“Virtual” Model that will be a snap. You can try most of the Photo-Retouch
Applications (Adobe PhotoShop / Corel PhotoPaint / etc.)
The best way (that I scarcely use) is to match your mixed color with Color
Chip, or Color Book. If it’s not perfectly matched put few more color drops
for adjustment.

> For example, I want to get the"sagewood" color of Char's Zaku,

[Char, the Pink Comet?]
Since I don’t have Testors or Pactra in my area, your mileage may vary. (The
color Code is GUNZE lacquer-base: Mr. Color)

[Tinted Red]
Flesh (51) + Red Madder (68) + Clear Yellow (48) [3:1:1] (It’s up to you how
PINK or RED level you want)
Pink (63) + Russet (81) / Hull Red (29)
Use PINK as the base, and add up to the level you want.

[Dark Red]
Either Russet (81)
Or you can try mixing your own with
Shine Red (79) +Dark Gray (Any Number)

Hope that will help,

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