Re: [gundam] Even more Tomino interview

W. Lee (
Mon, 15 Feb 1999 20:44:49 -0500


He must have VERY high standards. But if so, then WHY (please, WHY?!?!) does he
have to go with Syd Mead's 'Gordam'? I know this subject's getting old, but it's
just so ugly I can't get over it.....:(

BTW, here's another comparison - anyone see any similarities between the Turn A
Gundam story and that of Squaresoft's Einhander? wrote:

> In a message dated 2/15/99 3:38:38 PM Central Standard Time,
> nandy@U.Arizona.EDU writes:
> << > * He considers all of the sequels he did as the failure, due to lack of
>  > his talent.
>    So he considers all the sequels like GG and WG a failure because he
>  didn't work on them? How egotistical!
>   >>
> no I think he means  Z, ZZ, CCA, etc.
> JAson


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