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<< > The conclusion of this discussion, as I recall, was that the cables
> "conducted" superheated gas or fluid either directly from the fusion
> reactor or from the surrounding air or storage tanks and thence through the
> reactor. This gas or fluid was used to give the MS more "muscle" -- a
> thermonuclear hydraulic or pneudralic system, if you will.
One obvious explanation just hit me for why the Zaku and Gouf units were left
with the vulnerable tubes. when they were rolled out, the Feds didn't have any
MS, and the tubes were probably to small to be shot easily by a battleship,
plus they were the first MS designed anywhere. But once the Gundam arrived,
the Zeon realized that the cables were exposed and thus moved them inside the
armor on subsequent models. However future MS, such as the Dreissen, Jagd
Doga, etc. had cables on them and a lot more of an open armor system. This
probably was done for speed and weight reduction. At that point they figured
their pilots should be talented enough to protect themselves better, plus none
of the cables were quite as exposed as the Zaku's.
Just theories though...

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