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Sun, 14 Feb 1999 21:15:39 -0800

Rodrick Su wrote:

> One theory I have heard about awaking the ability of Newtype is
> simply being next to one and be with them in action. Towards the end
> of Gundam Movie 3, alot of people on White Base is exhibiting the
> ability of detecting a Newtype broadcasting their thought. This is
> when Lahlah Sun start to use Elmeth to attack Federation position
> near Solomon. The first character to actually sense this broadcast
> was General Revil strangely enough. The only main characters who
> didn't sense this at all is Bright Noah, which states that his latent
> Newtype ability is still not up to speed yet. At the very end of the
> story, however, Bright was able to pickup on Amuro's broadcast
> warning about the impending Federation all out attack. Does this
> mean that Bright's ability has increased or just that he is more
> familiar with Amuro? Personally I am leaning toward the latter.
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  Actually, I think that it's an indicator that Newtypes can communicate
telepathically with non newtypes.

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