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Rodrick Su (rsu@tigana.com)
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 19:25:00 -0800

One theory I have heard about awaking the ability of Newtype is
simply being next to one and be with them in action. Towards the end
of Gundam Movie 3, alot of people on White Base is exhibiting the
ability of detecting a Newtype broadcasting their thought. This is
when Lahlah Sun start to use Elmeth to attack Federation position
near Solomon. The first character to actually sense this broadcast
was General Revil strangely enough. The only main characters who
didn't sense this at all is Bright Noah, which states that his latent
Newtype ability is still not up to speed yet. At the very end of the
story, however, Bright was able to pickup on Amuro's broadcast
warning about the impending Federation all out attack. Does this
mean that Bright's ability has increased or just that he is more
familiar with Amuro? Personally I am leaning toward the latter.

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