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At 15:31 1999.02.14 -0800, Dafydd wrote:
I have spelt it correctly this time

>"Sora" is the sky, the air or the heavens. "O-koete" is beyond, although
>"no-muko-ni" is the more common form, for example "Kare-no ie wa
>kawa-muko-ni-aru" (His house is beyond the river).

I know the sora you taking about, the same 'sora' as 'tenko no shiro no
Laputa' but in this case pronounced as 'ko'. That is just one character.
The 'sora' I refer to is written in two characters, should actually be read
as 'uchuu' as in 'uchuusekei' (Japanese for U.C. or Universal Century) and
means Universe. It is sometimes pronounce as 'sora' for some reason...

>"Moebius Across The Heavens"? "Moebius Beyond The Sky"? "Heavenly Moebius"?

I think I'd go with the first one, though I'd be inclined to change heavens
to Universe, personal preference, and I thik the meaning is still
preserved. Perhaps Komuro Machiko (IIRC) may have intended Beyond the time
as a rough translation of the Japanese title, or maybe vice versa (take an
english title and tarnslate back to Japanese).
        Now what about 'Eternal Wind ~hehoemi wa hikaru kaze no naka~', I think it
translates out to 'Smile in the Gleeming Wind'. To me that sounds silly
and a bith of a mouthful, I think I'd just rather settle for Eternal Wind
as the 'translated' title.

For some strange reason, I've always associated the Japanese title for
Beyond the Time with Chein's piece of the psychomu frame that floats in
space scattering all that fairy dust.

Michael Ip

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