[gundam] Zaku II External Cables

-Z- (Z@gundam.com)
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 15:41:03 -0800

At 09:53 PM 2/13/99 , Roger Harkavy wrote:
>Since it seems every rivet of every Gundam mecha has been documented to
>death by the Japanese, riddle me this, Batman: what function do the
>external cables on the original MS-06 Zaku II serve?

These are the notorious "conductive cables" and were discussed in some
depth a few months ago.

The conclusion of this discussion, as I recall, was that the cables
"conducted" superheated gas or fluid either directly from the fusion
reactor or from the surrounding air or storage tanks and thence through the
reactor. This gas or fluid was used to give the MS more "muscle" -- a
thermonuclear hydraulic or pneudralic system, if you will.

In Star Trek parlance, they're "plasma conduits".... (^_^);


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