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At 12:17 PM 14-02-99 -0800, you wrote:
>At 02:09 2/15/99 +1300, you wrote:
>>At 11:08 PM 13-02-99 -0800, Daffyd wrote:
>>Now that i have the confidence to spell your name, how do I pronounce it?
>>Is it somewhat a variation from David?
>Ah, but the actual spelling is "Dafydd" -- "Daffyd" is the e-mail name of a
>little black duck in Hollywood (DaffyD@WarnerBros.Com).... (^_^);;

 d'oh! maybe I'll keep calling ypu -Z-, much easier, sorry ^^;

>It's pronounced the same as David, unless your a die-hard Welshman from the
>North Country, in which case the double-D is a soft theta.

wow, it took me long enough to figure it out :)

>You mean like "The Time I'm Seeing You"...? (^_^)

hmm, i didn't like that song much. I'm thinking of her other songs. You
know she used to have a TV program called 'Yume ga Mori Mori'

>Man, I've really *got* to start getting more sleep! (-_-)

tell me about it, I've been going to bed at 5 am and waking up a 8 am
lately *sigh*

>Does anyone have a translation for the subtitle of TM Network's "Beyond The
>Time"? All I can make out is the "Moebius" part. "Moebius of Love"?

The full title for CCA song is Beyond the time~moebius no sora wo koete~
and the last two lines for the song are

mebius no sora wo

i have never taken serious translation of the 'moebius no sora wo koete',
but I know sora (the kanji) means universe. koete has the same meaning as
koete in 'Z- koku wo koete' as in 'to cross/travel(?)'


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