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>At 11:08 PM 13-02-99 -0800, Daffyd wrote:
>Now that i have the confidence to spell your name, how do I pronounce it?
>Is it somewhat a variation from David?

Ah, but the actual spelling is "Dafydd" -- "Daffyd" is the e-mail name of a
little black duck in Hollywood (DaffyD@WarnerBros.Com).... (^_^);;

It's pronounced the same as David, unless your a die-hard Welshman from the
North Country, in which case the double-D is a soft theta.

For what it's worht, the diminutive of Dafydd is Dai (NOT Dave or Davy) and
is pronounced to rhyme with "day" (NOT "die" as it would be in Japanese)....

>>My mistake, here: it's the 1st season OP. The 2nd season OP was "Silvery
>>Dress" and sung by Hiroko Moriguchi.
>Still not quite right, it was the other one, 'mizu no hoshi he ai wo me
>te', sorry I don't have a translation of the name. I only managed to catch
>'Silvery Dress' once in the entire Z series. If any of you get a chance to
>buy Hiroko Moriguchi's CD's, do so, you will not be disappointed! Believe
>it or not, she has songs better than Eternal Wind!

You mean like "The Time I'm Seeing You"...? (^_^)

Man, I've really *got* to start getting more sleep! (-_-)

OK, here's the Z Gundam OP/ED scorecard:

OP1 = Z - Beyond The Time [Maya Ayukawa]
ED1 = Believe In The Starry Sky [Maya Ayukawa]

OP2 = To The Planet Of Water, With Love [Hiroko Moriguchi]
ED2 = Silvery Dress [Hiroko Moriguchi]

The first season OP & ED have English catch phrases, "I wanna have a pure
time / Everyone's a noble mind" and "Believing a sign of Zeta / Beyond the
hard times from now" in the former and "Oh, I can't help believing you" in
the latter and are often referred to as "Sign of Zeta" and "I Can't Help
Believing You," respectively.

Does anyone have a translation for the subtitle of TM Network's "Beyond The
Time"? All I can make out is the "Moebius" part. "Moebius of Love"?


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