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> << At 09:53 PM 2/13/99 , Roger Harkavy wrote:
> >Since it seems every rivet of every Gundam mecha has been documented to
> >death by the Japanese, riddle me this, Batman: what function do the
> >external cables on the original MS-06 Zaku II serve?
> >
> >It makes me wonder why they'd take this nice expensive war machine, doll
> >it up in spiked armor and such, and then leave some nice
> >vulnerable-looking cables on the outside to get sliced, shot at, and
> >(this..... >>
> Why have I gotten this four times already with no responce included?
> SJ

  Look at the time Gundam was originally made, and remember that it was intended
as a Monster of the Week anime (Look at the Mobile Armors that keep popping up
near the end...) The Zaku II was designed this way so that it would be tougher
and more meacing looking. More Monster like than the Heroic Superhero Mecha (The
Gundam.) In other words, a Villan Mecha.

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