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At 11:08 PM 13-02-99 -0800, Daffyd wrote:
Now that i have the confidence to spell your name, how do I pronounce it?
Is it somewhat a variation from David?

>My mistake, here: it's the 1st season OP. The 2nd season OP was "Silvery
>Dress" and sung by Hiroko Moriguchi.

Still not quite right, it was the other one, 'mizu no hoshi he ai wo me
te', sorry I don't have a translation of the name. I only managed to catch
'Silvery Dress' once in the entire Z series. If any of you get a chance to
buy Hiroko Moriguchi's CD's, do so, you will not be disappointed! Believe
it or not, she has songs better than Eternal Wind!

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