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> OTOH, I read that it'll debut on TV in April, then shouldn't the
> much-maligned pictures revealed in the Sunrise website be very
> close to the
> final design?

The final design will most likely be revealed on next month's issue of
various anime magazines.

> Since there's no way to judge the scale, the new Gundam
> looked more like powered armor with a medieval touch.

Actually, the pictures in "Animage" highlighted the human in the mecha
drawing, so that should give us a pretty good idea...

Also, this came from the homepage of Studio Jipang, the company who's doing
the cell production, but Syd Mead designed this entirely by hand, meaning no
ruler or anything. And production will barely make the deadline. Also,
mock up of 1/144 Turn-A Gundam is already done.

On the related note, the last episode of 08th Team is right on the schedule,
and will probably released on time.


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