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>>>When did the title of "Beyond the Time" change?!
>>I think we're talking about two different songs here.
>>"Z - Koku o so e te" (which I've seen translated as "Z - Beyond The Time"
>>in a number of places now) is the Z Gundam 2nd season OP, sung by Maya

My mistake, here: it's the 1st season OP. The 2nd season OP was "Silvery
Dress" and sung by Hiroko Moriguchi.

>Hmm, I've never seen that translation anywhere. Mark Simmon's Gundam Project
>site translates it as "Zeta - Transcending Time", which I think is a better
>translation than "Beyond the Time".

Ah, the perils of imprecise translation!

My favorite is the "Chojiku" series: Chojiku Fortress Macross, Chojiku
Cavalry Southern Cross & Chojiku Century Orguss. (Robotech would've been
more interesting if Macek had been able to afford Orguss, instead of
swapping in Genesis Climber Mospeada ... but I digress.) The literal
translation of "Chojiku" is "Exceeding (Cho) Space (Ji) Time (Ku)" and
"Cho" combined with "jin" or "jo" is usually read as "Superman" or
"Superwoman" respectively, so it's not surprising that it was officially
given as "Super Dimensional" in the Romanji. "Hyperspace" would probably
be a better figurative translation, but we're stuck with the Romanji
because, well, it's official.

In any case, most American fans don't even know the song's Japanese name or
any of the English translations and generally refer to it as "Sign of Zeta"....

Given the recurring English lyric "beyond the hard times from now" in the Z
Gundam OP and that TM Network's "Beyond The Time" may be an homage to same,
I think that "Beyond" might be a better translation than "Transcending" but
agree that it's confusing. How 'bout we split the difference and translate
the title of the Z Gundam OP as "Z - Beyond The Hard Times"?


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