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>Since it seems every rivet of every Gundam mecha has been documented to
>death by the Japanese, riddle me this, Batman: what function do the
>external cables on the original MS-06 Zaku II serve?
>It makes me wonder why they'd take this nice expensive war machine, doll
>it up in spiked armor and such, and then leave some nice
>vulnerable-looking cables on the outside to get sliced, shot at, and
>is probably the real reason they have them) easily grabbed so that a
>Federation MS can practice Judo on them.
>Mark's entry for the MS-06A in the excellent "MS Classics" section of the
>Gundam Project (http://gundam.anime.net/world/msclassics.01.html)
>seems to
>indicate that these external power cables are an "improvement" that the
>MS-05 Zaku didn't have. The only other suit from the original Gundam TV
>series that features these eyesores is the Gouf, which is pretty close to
>a Zaku anyway.
>(Incidentally, Mark, this is an excellent section of the web site. Love
>the Red Shoulder treatment of the MS-06A!)
>Even stranger, none of Jion's later mobile suits featured in the original
>show (Dom, Gelgoog, Gyan) have them, which would make one think that the
>cables weren't desirable to Jion engineers (or to Kunio Okawara), but in
>Zeta Gundam they have Hizacks, which also have those damn cables! I just
>KNOW there's a reason for this.
>I'm not agonizing over this issue, I'm just curious. If there's no
>I can live with that, but I had to ask.
>Roger Harkavy
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