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Mead as mechnical designers. Aleast
>they are using some proven talent (in addition to Syd, who have never
>designed a mecha before) to design the mecha.

The following info on Syd Mead is taken from the book,"Future Noir:
The Making of Blade Runner",written by Paul M. Sammon, for those of you
asking about Mead and his work on Turn-around A Gundam:

"First, surprisingly unlike most of the other Blade Runner personnel,
was the fact that Mead was a hardcore science fiction fan. "In fact,
in 1948, when I was still in high school, I personally met Robert
Heinlein, who of course was the author of Stanger in a Strange Land
and Starship Troopers and many other fine works(Interesting connec-
tion to Gundam there, with Tomino influenced by Starship Troopers and
all...). I'd already read everything he had written up until then. I'd
also been fascinated by the work of Isaac Asimov and Arthur C. Clarke.
I think they are the grand deans of science fiction, mainly because
their visions are so realistically based on hard science: chemical
engineering, biomechanics,satellite communication systems and so on.
In a sense, science fiction has been one of the defining principles of
my life."

That life began July 18, 1933. In June of 1959, Syd Mead graduated from
the prestigious Pasedena, California, Art Center; he began his
professional career that same year by working for the Ford Motor Com-
pany, at its Advanced Vehicle Studio in Deerborn, Michigan.

Two years later Mead placed with the Chicago-based Hansen Company,
designing lavish promotional booklets for such clients as U.S. Steel
and the Sony Corporation. Then, in 1970, he formed his own company,
Syd Mead Inc. That year also saw Mead embark on a ten-year relationship
with the Holland-based Philips Electronics group as a
consultant. "That experience gave me a tremendous amount of exposure
to electronics," Mead recalls,"particularly to the consumer product/
hardware end of that stuff." Mead has also provided the concept for a
Norwegian/Caribbean cruiseliner, worked on mass-transit projects, did
wide-body jumbo jet interiors, and helped design the supersonic Con-
corde airliner for Air France."

Mark Kai

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