[gundam] Zakus - getting hosed?

Roger Harkavy (harkavyr@pandora.planet.net)
Sun, 14 Feb 1999 00:53:45 -0500 (EST)

Since it seems every rivet of every Gundam mecha has been documented to
death by the Japanese, riddle me this, Batman: what function do the
external cables on the original MS-06 Zaku II serve?

It makes me wonder why they'd take this nice expensive war machine, doll
it up in spiked armor and such, and then leave some nice
vulnerable-looking cables on the outside to get sliced, shot at, and (this
is probably the real reason they have them) easily grabbed so that a
Federation MS can practice Judo on them.

Mark's entry for the MS-06A in the excellent "MS Classics" section of the
Gundam Project (http://gundam.anime.net/world/msclassics.01.html) seems to
indicate that these external power cables are an "improvement" that the
MS-05 Zaku didn't have. The only other suit from the original Gundam TV
series that features these eyesores is the Gouf, which is pretty close to
a Zaku anyway.

(Incidentally, Mark, this is an excellent section of the web site. Love
the Red Shoulder treatment of the MS-06A!)

Even stranger, none of Jion's later mobile suits featured in the original
show (Dom, Gelgoog, Gyan) have them, which would make one think that the
cables weren't desirable to Jion engineers (or to Kunio Okawara), but in
Zeta Gundam they have Hizacks, which also have those damn cables! I just
KNOW there's a reason for this.

I'm not agonizing over this issue, I'm just curious. If there's no answer,
I can live with that, but I had to ask.

Roger Harkavy

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