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Prabal Nandy (nandy@U.Arizona.EDU)
Sat, 13 Feb 1999 21:43:28 -0700 (MST)

> > Except for land-bombardment and for heavy missile-carrying, especially
> Actually, the US Navy doesn't have _any_ battleships any more, does it?

  Off and on... I think they're not in active service anymore...
  But it is perhaps illustrative to note that battleships play the same
role in RL as alot of "Legendary Robots" do in anime. I.e., you'll see in
alot of anime works the concept of the 'ancient weapon' that somehow is
more powerful than the current ones (L.Gaim, FSS, Gaia Gear, and to a
certain extent Gundams in general). Battleships are really about the only
RL example of such a concept.

> > In Gundam-terms this might be for bombardment on a planetary scale,
> Well, you can always use them to bombard colonies. Not only is this
> done in F91, but - as shown in the Giren's Greed cut scenes - that's how
> the Federation fleet broke the Operation British colony in half.

  Hey, now that's a cool idea!
  Still, it boggles the mind what kind of firepower is necessary to saw
through KILOMETER of lunar-crete! That's pretty damn amazing!
  You saw my figures on how large a Solar-System mirror would need to be
to melt the front of a colony, right?

> > Which suggests that the Zeon ships were designed _after_ MS were
> And very true. The first Musai was commissioned simultaneously with the


> start of MS-05 mass production. The Chibe was designed some five years

  Now that makes alot of sense. The Zeons let their military doctrine be
dictated by the realities of technology at the time, rather than by
tradition. Smart.

> earlier, but these older ships were retrofitted to carry mobile suits.
> (Incidentally, the Chibe also has rows of anti-air turrets.)

  Which fits in nicely with my theory about AAA versus fighters being the
traditional technology before MS and M-particles.

> >What are those wierd curved vents on the sides of Musai for anyway?
> They're secondary missile launchers, smaller but more numerous than the
> two big 'uns.

  You know, we don't really see missiles being used by capitol ships much
after MSG do we?

> > I don't recall the Doros-carriers, what do they look like and how many
> Only two, and you don't seem them until the Battle of A Bao A Qu.
> They're these huge, 500-meter-long boxy things with stubby engine pods
> and a protruding boom reminiscent of an angler fish.

 Wierd, I'll have to watch the tape again and look for them!
 Looks like Zeon really realized by the end of the war the true power of
MS, even though they couldn't really keep up production.

> >They're big, bright, organic, and aerodynamic. Why?
> Good choice of words. According to Gundam Century, they were originally
> designed to be re-entry capable (like the Zanzibar), hence the

  A "Planetary Siege" battleship!
  It looks like Zeon was really serious about occupying Earth for a long
time, if they put up the effort to create warships like this!

> streamlined silhouette. But when the Zeons were finally able to test this
> feature, the ship in question burnt up in re-entry. Live and learn, I guess.
  Hmm... So you're saying that they tested a prototype mega-battleship in
the atmosphere of a hostile enemy? I wouldn't be surprised if it got
sabotaged or something.

> > Could they be converted JEF ships of some kind?
> Not necessarily, but - thanks to their extra propellant tanks - they
> are capable of making the trip out to the asteroid belt.

  So I guess these are the backbone ships of the Zeon flight to Axis, eh?
I wonder if the Musais could have made it without support vessels?

> UC 0069.10 Papua-class transport ship (Zeon)
> UC 0070.06 Chibe-class heavy cruiser (Zeon)
> UC 0070.10 Salamis-class cruiser, Magellan-class battleship (Federation)
> UC 0075.07 Musai-class light cruiser (Zeon)
> UC 0076.03 Gwazin-class battleship (Zeon)
> UC 0076.06 Zanzibar-class mobile cruiser (Zeon)
> UC 0078.06 Tibe-class heavy cruiser (from 0080) (Zeon)
> UC 0078.12 Doros-class carrier development begins (Zeon)

  It's interesting... like with MS development, the Zeons went whole-hog
for tons of various specialized warships while the Fed stuck with two
basic types (and a halfhearted attempt to make carriers). And yet, it's
Fed production that really won the war.
  BTW, is the Tibe a variant of the Chibe?


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