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Probe writes,

> Except for land-bombardment and for heavy missile-carrying, especially

  Actually, the US Navy doesn't have _any_ battleships any more, does it?
I think cruisers are the limit...

> In Gundam-terms this might be for bombardment on a planetary scale,
>though the spacenoids never seem to do this! The only example of it I can
>think of is with a mobile suit, the Zanneck.

  Well, you can always use them to bombard colonies. Not only is this
done in F91, but - as shown in the Giren's Greed cut scenes - that's how
the Federation fleet broke the Operation British colony in half.

> Which suggests that the Zeon ships were designed _after_ MS were
>developed. Interesting eh?

  And very true. The first Musai was commissioned simultaneously with the
start of MS-05 mass production. The Chibe was designed some five years
earlier, but these older ships were retrofitted to carry mobile suits.
(Incidentally, the Chibe also has rows of anti-air turrets.)

>What are those wierd curved vents on the sides of Musai for anyway?

  They're secondary missile launchers, smaller but more numerous than the
two big 'uns.

> I don't recall the Doros-carriers, what do they look like and how many
>of them did Zeons have?

  Only two, and you don't seem them until the Battle of A Bao A Qu.
They're these huge, 500-meter-long boxy things with stubby engine pods
and a protruding boom reminiscent of an angler fish.

> Though what gets me about the Guaden super-battleships is the fact that
>they don't _look_ the same style as the Musai or anything else Zeon.
>They're big, bright, organic, and aerodynamic. Why?

  Good choice of words. According to Gundam Century, they were originally
designed to be re-entry capable (like the Zanzibar), hence the
streamlined silhouette. But when the Zeons were finally able to test this
feature, the ship in question burnt up in re-entry. Live and learn, I guess.

> Could they be converted JEF ships of some kind?

  Not necessarily, but - thanks to their extra propellant tanks - they
are capable of making the trip out to the asteroid belt.

Since we're talking about it, let's just run down the commissioning dates
from the Shindosha timeline....

  UC 0069.10 Papua-class transport ship (Zeon)
  UC 0070.06 Chibe-class heavy cruiser (Zeon)
  UC 0070.10 Salamis-class cruiser, Magellan-class battleship (Federation)
  UC 0075.07 Musai-class light cruiser (Zeon)
  UC 0076.03 Gwazin-class battleship (Zeon)
  UC 0076.06 Zanzibar-class mobile cruiser (Zeon)
  UC 0078.06 Tibe-class heavy cruiser (from 0080) (Zeon)
  UC 0078.12 Doros-class carrier development begins (Zeon)

-- Mark

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